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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Power Of Questions!

As a writer, what is your most important job?

Think about this for a while and write down whatever comes to your mind. After you have done that, read on.

You would have come up with various things a writer is supposed to do; writing, putting across a message, make a living and so. Would you agree with me if I said that the most important thing a writer MUST do is to engage the reader?

Yet many miss this point completely. What intrigues a reader more than questions!

"Did you know........?"
"Have you noticed.......?"
"Wouldn't it be ................?"
"Let me ask you........."

All of these statements make your reader sit up and take notice. You may have a point to make to your reader. However, when you do not make that point point blank and lead your reader to make that point to himself, you have a winner! The power of questions is such that the reader will not only be convinced by your message but he will also not doubt it. He will not doubt it because he believes he drew the conclusion himself.

Therefore, use questions in your writing more often and see how that engages your reader and how successfully you are able to make your point!


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