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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Instant Success from Freelance Writing - Dream On

I don't want to sound negative but it is highly unlikely that you will attain overnight success by freelance writing. Freelancing is a slow and steady course. The harder and smarter you work your freelancing career, the better off you will be in the long run. I have spoken to a few of my freinds who aspire to be freelancer writers and when I ask them why, the instant success factor is always one of the first five reason they give for their aspiration. Well, being optimistic is one thing and facing the reality is quite another.

How do attain success in Freelance writing?

- Build your portfolio
No matter which freelance career you choose to be in (photography, writing, training etc) you need to build credible portfolio. This will showcase your best works. These works will market your freelacing ability to your prospective clients who will then decide how best you skills suit them.

- Build Relationship
Once you get the clients, you have to ensure that your build postive working relationship with them. Repeat work is essential for freelance success. You must source for new clients continuosly. However, retaining the clients you have worked with should be the priority as the length of time you have worked with a client will matter a lot to the earning potential of your freelancing career. When your client works with you for more than a project and likes your work, you will be in better position to re-negotiate your rates as well as ask for more work including work that you may be interested in but is not your niche. This helps you to buil up bundling services that will increase your earning potential manifold.

- Get References
Your relationship with your clients must be able to help you source for more work from them as well as those people they know. Asking for references should be on your priority list as well. Do not be intimidated or shy of asking your client for references. If your work is good and your client is satisfied there will be no issues getting references.

-Build a Team
As more and more work comes in, you will find it hard to keep track as well as satisfy all of them. As such, you will have to think of expasion. The final work must go through you. However, the ground work can be delegated or outsourced. This will help you accomplish more in lesser time increasing your earning potential manifold as well.

In summary, do not live in the illusion that you will be flying high by opting for a freelancing career. If you fail to treat this as your business, your freelancing career will be finished even before you start. Have postivie attitude and reach for your goals slowly and steadily. All the best and may you have all the success.


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