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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Never a Day Without Writing - Looking Back at Me and My Writing

Today, I thought I wil share a little bit about myself here. Won't you be bored if I go on giving you tips and how-to's without actually knowing who I am? Therefore, I have decided that I shall start sharing about my writing experiences every now and then so that you will have a venue to know me more. For a start, I was looking back today about where I started taking my writing seriously.

I had not written anything after I graduated in 2005 for 3 years. Absolutely nothing. When I realised that I was not able to even put pen to paper after I attempted to write something worthwhile in 2008, I was horrified! The words were just not flowing or I could just not form anything. Then I realised the importance of writing regularly and that regularly has now changed to everyday!

Writing is a way of communicating your thoughts with others. For me, I write better than I speak. Somehow I feel that I convey better when I write it down. Maybe I talk fast and the listener is not able to catch or I am actually quite bad at vocals. So, for me, writing opens up a lot of opportunity to convey a lot of things. Can you imagine being tightlipped for the rest of your life and having no other means of communicating with anyone? I am not sure of you but to me that is like a life in prison. Writing is where I found my solace. Looking back, I cannot imagine how I led that 3 years without writing anything.


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