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Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 Ways to Increase Blog or Article Readership

The biggest concern for any blogger or online writer is to increase readership. Rising above the clutter is a big headache. Here are 3 ways you can increase readership to your blog posts, articles or virtually anything you want to draw readership to. Just ensure that you follow through and try it out.

1. Spin Stories
Don't blurt our facts or figures or go on about about what you have to say. Spin a story. If you have not read a children's book in the recent times, you would do yourself some good by reading some now. This is because the attention span of kids are minute and to get them engrossed is a huge win by itself. Everyone of us has a child that yearns for a good story. And we all respond to a well told story as well even if it has been told numerous times before. How many times have we watched a movie based on dinosaurs or even a love story. They all have the same elements. However, it is the way the story is told each and every time that creates a blockbuster. Therefore, it is time you started telling stories to put your point across.

2. Say it Like a Conversation
Whenever you speak to a person your words flow naturally. Have you tried editing your words as you speak? It will sound horrible and the other person will get confused as well. Therefore, write as if you are speaking to a person. Let the words flow. There is no need for jargon or long words in your blog posts or articles. Just write like you normally speak and your readers will love you.

3. Write Experiences
People love reading about experiences. How you felt while you did something will attract more readers than just stating mere facts. If you do not have an experience to share, which would be quite unlikely, you should draw the experience from others. Write from their experience in your own words. Provide each and every intriguing detail so that your readers will get transported to the place or event of interest. This is also called engaging your readers.

Write so that you impart some of your soul to others. Write so that others get inspired. Write so that your legacy lives on. Words, by themselves, are powerless. How you, as a writer, uses the words to your advantage will define how powerful those words can be.


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