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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to ACE Blogging

I believe that if you are a serious freelancer, you need to blog. Blogging is one way you can communicate your ideas and research directly. Also, you can offer your blog to the clients to get a taste of what and who you are before they hire you. Many people blog for fun. If you are a freelancer, you need to be a bit more responsible. Responsible blogging will not only keep you out of trouble but will also enhance your employability.

Offer Credit Where Due
The last thing you need shoved in your face a plagiarism tag. It is impossible to write something which has not been already written. This is true if you are writing about stuff that is general, in particular. So many people write and about the same stuff too.

The way you can be different is to write from your own experience and if you have done any sort of research, to offer credit. If you do not offer credit where due, you will get caught soon and you will lose all credibility if your client is the one who catches you. Starting from scratch is not fun and you seriously do not want to go through that.

Allow Comments on Your Blog
Allowing reader comments not only shows that you care for the readers opinion but it helps you in improving your blog posts. I know that the main reason you turn off comments on your blog is due to the excessive spamming you might have encountered. This can be overcome by moderating comments as well as installing anti spam plug-in on your blog. Feeling lazy?

Don't be. We are talking about responsible blogging and laziness is not considered a responsible act. So, enable comments on your blog now and let your readers connect with you.

Also note that the search engines love current content and allowing comments on your blog keeps your blog post alive and current.

Moreover, when your clients see that you interact with your readers, they will feel more at ease with trusting you with their assignments.


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