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Sunday, August 14, 2011

5 Ways to Stop Dreaming and Start Writing

We all have the tendency to put off something that we feel we need to do "now." It is strange that we feel so compelled by an idea, so great that we keep thinking about how great the idea is and do not do anything about it. I call this dreaming and dreaming itself is not going to out the words onto the papers (read blog, if you wish). So, let's look at 5 ways you can actually stop dreaming and start writing.

1) Focus on the Main Thing First

Sometimes, the very that holds us back is the thought. We think about an idea and start fantasising about it so much that we get into really intricate details. You could start thinking about what pictures you could use to really put your idea across. You could be thinking about where you can piblicize your work. You may even start jeopordizing your work by starting to think if it is at all worth it.

The main point here is that you have forgotten the main thing! Your Writing. You need to write. What you want to do with your writing and how you can enhance it, apart from all other "very important" thing are not as important as putting your ideas and thoughts into writing, first!

2) Fine Tune That Main Thing

Once you have written something, you need to fine tune it before you start adding the bells and whistles. You need to check the basics such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and the little details that could make your writing error free. What you want to call your work, such as coming up with title and subtitle or even the synopsis, can wait.

3) Do not Re-invent

If something you want to say has already been said, accept it! You need not re-invent the wheel unless you have something more compelling to say or you can say it in a more understanding or creative way. A little bit of research could help with this.

4) Tell Others What You are Doing

When you let people know what you are working on, you will tend to follow it through than when you keep the thoughts to yourself. This is proven to be true most of time, in my case. Actually what telling others will do is that it helps you to say your intention. That intention when spoken will become a reality as you have now made someone else a part of it.

5) Get Contacts

You may be working on a writing that requires professional input. Well, you will not know all the people in the world. However, there are people whom you know who could possibly put you across to the right contact.

In summary, a career in writing is only possible for those who are willing to take their dream  and make the most of it. To make your dream a rality, what actions have you taken? Feel free to comment.


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