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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freelance clients - The Heavy Handed Perfectionist Type

Freelance Writing Success Mantra : "Know your clients to know what they want and give them exactly what they want!"

The heavy handed –Perfectionist Type

How to find one

If you are given a contract or you landed the job based on the bidding system from a freelance portal, you can make out this type of client. The contract or the job description from a heavy handed client will come with every tiny bit of details addressed from spelling to grammar and from daily reporting to the presentation of the final report.

If you are not able to make out from the freelance contract or the project description, you will find out after you turn in your first assignment.

How to deal with one

You have to be extremely cautious when dealing with such a client as they tend to be very detail oriented and will go through your work with microscope before they release your payment. Also, be prepared for changes in your writing as the heavy handed client wants the final product to be as perfect as possible.

If the pay is good, your work must be good as well and there is no harm in the client being heavy handed. However, if the client is paying $1/500 words, this type of approach is not tolerable for most freelance writers.

How to write for one

Be very careful if you want repeat projects. Watch your spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Be especially mindful about the deadline. Never even think about handing in the project past the deadline. If you are asked for progress reports at specific milestones or time, be sure to hand it in.

Is it good or bad?

Working as a freelance writer for a heavy-handed client is an experience in itself. If you are paid reasonably well for such an approach you will definitely start learning some of the characteristics of a super freelance writer! You will be more conscientious about the way you write and be more disciplined in meeting your deadlines, if not anything else. Overall, your writing will improve.

The downside is that if the pay is not good enough for to tolerate this type, you may feel overwhelmed and apprehensive. Most importantly you would never want to work for this client ever again.


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