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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why would anyone want to be a Freelance Writer?

The best answer to why you want to be a freelance writer is within you. Reasons can range from hobby to major career change. However there are certain strong elements in a freelance writing career that moves people like you and me to take freelance writing seriously. Here are listed few:

1. Freedom
Who loves working under a boss? In everyone, there is a voice which urges entreprenuership. For some people, the voice is louder and hence they take the path of uncertainities and acheive. Some are happy with their month to month salary check and live within their means. Freelance writing provides freedom and lets you become your own boss of your own destiny.

2. Flexibility
Freelance writing provides you with the flexibility to choose what to work on and how much to work. Also, you can choose when and where to work. Moreover, you decide your own rate and the niche you want to write about.

3. Diversity
You are no lonfer stuck in the same job! You are writing and high chances are that you will be writing on various topics. You do researches based on your interest and the topic on hand. A new and exciting project everytime!

4. Money
Whether you are freelance writing part time or full time, you get paid. It is only time that you land a good client and a regular flow of work before you see the real money coming into your bank account.

5. Balance
Especially you are a parent, you would love to spend all the time with your kids monitoring their growth, schoolwork activities and so on. Freelace writing provides you with this balance necessary in order for you to be with your spouse and kids whe they need you the most.

There are many more reasons people take up freelance writing as a career. Do share with me about your personal motivation factor that urged you to try or take up freelance writing as a choice of part time or full time career.


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