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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Freelance Clients - The Light Handed Lovable Type

Freelance Writing Success Mantra : "Know your clients to know what they want and give them exactly what they want!"

The Light Handed – Lovable Type
How to find one

Light handed clients forms between 50-70% of the client base I have handled so far. And they are very easy to come by in a very lucrative article writing niche rather than any other form of writing. These clients have very simple requirements. Read the description and you will see that only a skeletal requirement will be given. Also, these clients tend to give a lot of freedom to write on the topic in whichever angle you choose as long as you turn in quality work.

Their pay could vary. Some of the light handed clients pay the minimum as they feel their expectation is kept at minimum itself. Some of them pay really well and even provide ongoing work as long as you are interested and turn in quality work. I have experienced that such clients tend to provide increments without asking as well.

How to deal with one

Dealing with light handed client is quite simple. Look at the pay and look at the requirement and do your best keeping these two factors in mind and you will do well. Keep your communication to the minimum as they would prefer it that way unless otherwise stated. If you keep emailing them they will reconsider hiring you for long time. They prefer the hand-off method. The light handed client is okay as long as they do not spot any major mistakes in your work.

How to write for one

Read the client requirements carefully and ask if you are not sure about anything like you would for any other assignment from any other client. Keep your spelling and grammar intact. Some of these clients are not very fussy about sentence structures. They are happy as long as your work passes the basic requirement of readability.

Understand their requirement and work on them with as little mistake as possible and you are safe. This does not mean sub-standard work. Please do not read or understand them in that way. Light handed clients do not sit on the neck of the freelancer and demand every detail about the hours they put into the work or demand reports every day. Their demands are as simple as what is described to you when they hand you their work.

Is it good or bad?

Working for a light handed client could be good or bad depending on your agenda. If you are a freelancer who is looking for a client who gives you a free hand in doing the job, light handed client is your man. If you are looking for a client whom you want to build a long lasting working relationship with, light handed client is your choice.

However, the hands off approach by the client could mean that there is very little opportunity for you to learn about them or their business. You are very unlikely to find out how your work is being used. You will not be able to grow as a freelance writer working under such a client. There might exceptions though.


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