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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Biggest Mistake a Freelance Writer MUST avoid

There are many ways you can come across as an unprofessional writer to your potential long term client. What can this do to your freelance writing career? It could end your writing career there and then. I may be exaggerating here. However, it is true that some of the mistakes freelance writers make can be completely avoided if only some form of proofreading and editing was done after writing. You would have if you are serious about your work.

So, what is that one biggest mistake that a freelance writer makes that can make the freelance writer look unprofessional and lax about his work?


This is actually quite commonsensical. You wouldn’t think otherwise as you would have been told time and again from your various English Teachers that to watch your spelling. You have been spelling words since you can remember. Now that you have made the choice of freelance writing as your hobby or your career, you have to give that advice a listening ear.

You may not have had the luxury of a spell checker in the past. Now that you do have that luxury, there is no reason for you to come up with a written piece that is full of spelling errors!

Therefore, ensure that you avoid this biggest mistake in your freelance writing career. Some client may not mind your mistake. If you happen to find them, it is good for you. Most clients who are serious about their reputation will come after you if you hand in work that consists spelling errors. Mistakes do happen and if you have done your share of proofreading and editing, you are still okay. However, if you have not taken precaution from your side, this is going to be a habit that you will find very hard to break. And that is going to cost you a lot in the long run.


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