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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bring Out The Best Writing in You - Free Write!

“The sun was rising when I openend my eyes this morning. The colors were beautiful. I lay in my bed looking at the spectacular scenary and pondered what it would be like to be part of the clouds that is receiving the first ray of the sun. The colors were beautiful. I just could not describe them as I am not very much in color or their names. I just know they are beautiful. As I was deeply pondering I felt my daughther snuggling next to me. She was waking up but was actually delaying the process by just snugglng closer to me. I hugged her and whispered good morning. She opened he eyes and looked up to me and smiled sweetly ad sheepishly. She replied Good morning mummy and snuggled even closer.”

As you would have realized by now, the paragraph above obviously contains errors in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation and others. These are intentional as this post is all about “Free Writing!”

Free writing is a method where you actually write about anything and everything that comes to your mind without stopping. If you are writing, you keep writing and if you are typing, you keep typing. If you are the rare sort who dictates your articles, you keep dictating without stopping. You must not stop for any reason; be it grammar, spelling or structure errors that occur along the way. You simply go on.

In order to gain maximum value of free writing, you need to ensure that you time it. Let’s say 10 minutes. For these 10 minutes, you must not be disturbed by anything for anything. Keep an alarm clock, if you must. Start and continue writing about anything that comes to your mind without stopping. Stop once the alarm rings even if you are in mid-sentence. There is no need to finish it.

Once done, go over your free written work. You will be amazed what you could actually come up with when you let your mind wander without disturbing the line of thoughts.

Free writing actually is the best way to get rid of your writer’s block. You can even use this as a daily writing exercise to keep your writing polished.


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