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Thursday, June 10, 2010

For a Freelance Writer "A Good Idea is Worth Its Weight In Gold!"

More often than not, a new freelance writer faces the trouble of idea generation. Even seasoned writer's face this problem. In my earlier post Writers Block Solution, I outlined 6 steps you could take in order to get yourself of out the idea lapse situation. A quick run through of what you can do are as follows. For elaboration, read the full article form the link above.

1. Keep a Word Journal

2. Draw Inspiration from Within

3. Engage in Research

4. Review Past Works

5. Entertain Yourself

6. Take a Nap

I was doing my daily research online and came across this book entitled "Get Paid To Write!: The No-Nonsense Guide To Freelance Writing." When I scanned through the content's page I was very much interested to see a topic on "Ideas and How to Get Them." The chapter outlined various other methods you could use apart from the 6 mentioned in Writers Block Solution.

You can read a limited preview of the book from Google Books. The chapter is found on Page 40.

Also, if you are interested in buying the book, click on the image below.

Get Paid To Write!: The No-Nonsense Guide To Freelance Writing (cultur


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