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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Writer's Block Solution

Writer's block can strike anyone. While those who have never faced it wonder how anyone can be affected so much that there is block of idea flow, those who have experienced it cringe that it should never happen to them ever again. The feelings are strange. One moment you are all set and ready to start writing and then you feel that you just cannot write or nothing you write seem to be satisfying!

The result of this, most of the time, are anger, frustration, unwanted stress. The after effects of these would be an unhealthy mind till the writer's block is removed. The causes of writer's block could be anything. So long as you know how to deal with the situation when you are faced with one could be much beneficial to you than anything. I have written an article based on this. It is entitled "How to deal with Writer's Block"

A quick runthrough of what you can do are as follows. For elaboration, read the full article form the link above.

1. Keep a Word Journal
2. Draw Inspiration from Within
3. Engage in Research
4. Review Past Works
5. Entertain Yourself
6. Take a Nap

Writer's block need not be a tiring or frustrating event. In fact, a writer's block could be a blessing in disguise. Try the recommendations and share what you find. I would love to hear from you :)


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